Quality Policy

ALSIKO Ltd. has for the goal to be among the leading producers of high-quality reinforcing steel-bar forms.

By complying with this policy ALSIKO Ltd. employees commit to establish, maintain and constantly try to improve the management system in accordance to SRPS ISO 9001:2015.

This tendency we plan to fulfill by:

achieving a high positive customer feedback – with quality of the goods delivered, by meeting all the agreed delivery deadlines and with our professional business conduct – which has to be a constant care of all the employees.
attaining strong partnerships with our delivery partners, as the mutual trust with our partners can be a reliable guarantee of the quality of delivered goods.
satisfying the expectations of the proprietor – by rational production that will ensure the developement of organization.
motivating the employees to perform their best – through constant training of the personnel on all levels, stimulated development of each employee and by motivating them to contribute to the development of the organization as a whole. Their health and safety at the workplace are the employer’s concern.
working in the interest of society – by complying with all the regulations, legal acts and demands of the local government.
maintaining a high level of environmental awareness.

From high-quality raw materials to even better final products